Track and Communicate

Optimize your theater's busy work so you can focus on the stage.
Show GOAT is an online data management system for small and medium size theaters. Self-help tools support pricing to fit every budget.

Use Cases

Herding the Volunteers

My shows depend on unpaid volunteers. They aren’t professionals. The show isn’t the most important thing in their lives, but their hearts are in the right place. How do I connect the right person with the right job and track progress?

Finding What I Have

What shape is that Ariel costume in? What size is it? I could check the tag if I knew where it was. I can’t use what I can’t find. Wouldn’t it be great if someone other than the costume board knew what costumes were available?

What’s a Marketing Plan?

I post the flyer to our Facebook and Instagram account twice a day. There really isn’t anything more I can do is there? I’m pretty sure everyone who would buy a ticket has seen our flyer by now.

That’s in an Email Somewhere

Did you see the email I sent asking you to pick up that thing two weeks ago? You didn’t reply and I forgot to follow up, but I’m sure it’s fine. There’s about 37 emails I send about the auditions. Read them all and reach out to the people you think I still want to follow up with.


Performance Management

  • Track milestone dates
  • Capture and share notes for each scene and character
  • Support for multiple casts
  • Assign actors to characters
  • Assign props and sets
  • Assign costume items to actors
  • Keep the data in your archive
I love having all the actor's measurement's online. If I am in a store and see something that might work for a costume, I log on my phone and check the measurements. I can finally leave the great big binder in the car!
Alex - Costume Shop Director