Fundraising Event Hosting Platform

Automate the time-consuming parts of planning and running a Gala Charity Event. Know exactly what you will pay. No need to ask our high pressure sales staff for a demo and a price. Gala by Show GOAT Pro is dedicated to helping smaller and volunteer-based organizations get the most out of your events. From organizing donated items into auction baskets, to processing payments at the end of the event, let our straightforward tools do the job quickly, without spending all the money you earn.

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Organize your theater assets and plan the greatest show of all time

Show GOAT Pro is an online data management tool built for schools, local theaters, churches: any organization performing scripted performances with costumes on a stage. Use the tools the larger theaters use, without paying thousands of dollars a year. Know exactly what you will pay, with simple, low-priced plans to fit every budget.

Let Show GOAT Pro help with the busy work so you can focus on the stage

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