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Pro Tools & Reports

Move beyond generic spreadsheets and docs. Put your data to work for you. Show GOAT Pro was designed to do more with the data you enter. More insights. More flexibility. Show people what they need and unleash your team.

Invest In Your Team

Take your people and productions to the next level with structure and insights from professionals. Show GOAT Pro is build with guidance from professionals, books, and established industry reports.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Keep the names of your young actors away from the public. Lock down body measurements to the minimum. The data you enter is your own. Show GOAT Pro is built with security from the ground up.

Does your organization depend on volunteers? Do you know what a marketing plan is? Show GOAT Pro is building a robust ecosystem of tools and guidance.

  • Looking for ways to put volunteers to work? Give them limited accounts and specific tasks.
  • Wondering how many characters still need costumes? Create tasks and click through the Costume Plot looking for holes.

Notice about Limited Launch Pricing

All Show GOAT Pro plans are free for now. We are currently in our limited launch. During this time, you can use Show GOAT Pro without limits. Our full launch is expected in mid 2023. At this time, we will ask you to reconsider what level you want each organization to be at. Every organization will be set to the Free Tier, and all limits will be applied. If you have more than the allotted number of costumes or any other item, you will not be able to add any more. No data will be deleted. It will be up to you to decide what organizations you want to upgrade.

Notes on Registration

Show GOAT Pro does not charge for user accounts. We charge for Organizations. You would create an organization for every theater, church, or group you work with. It is these organizations that have different tiers. Every organization has it's own tier and it's own payment subscription. More on pricing here.

Once you fill out and submit this form, you will receive an email with a link to complete the registration process. Because organization security is based on emailed invitations, we must ensure you have access to the email address you register with. After that process is complete, you will be asked to create a new Organization. You can select the free tier and create as many free organizations as you want. The details below will apply to all free organizations.

Free Organization Plan Details
 One user
 Up to 50 costumes
 Up to 50 props
 Up to 50 sets
 Up to 10 performances
 Community Support

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